Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Current art project...wasn't this a knitting blog??

Current art project I'm working on. I know its not even close to Halloween but in my world the Jack o' lantern is up for daily décor.  This is just phase one...I've collaged down different papers, like a paper quilt type of effect. Added some pumpkin ephemera, paint and now I just need to age and grunge them to shabby perfection.

16x20'ish canvas if I remember right....
The living room area. Big D and I have a very tiny apartment. We have down sized so we can afford to save up for a neat old fixer upper at some point and then I can get my pet chickens and some goats that I have wanted for a lifetime!

So anyway, (I'm getting a little too happy here thinking about chickens and goats, the happiness is short lived because reality seeps in that I live in a tiny apartment that does not allow goats and chickens on the porch regardless of my obsession with having them and regardless that I even have fantasy names for them all) the living room is small but crammed full of treasures gleaned from the trashcans, thrift stores and alleys around Reno.
I'm looking for the perfect recliner for Big D. I need something vintage looking, NOT over stuffed and man cave-ish but super comfortable for him to watch the giant tv with. I actually found a man who loves cinema as much as I do, if not more! He has nearly 3000 dvd's and most are horror and grindhouse genre. Its heavenly. :) Its a movie night every night, I just need to leave the popcorn alone...its starting to show.

A couple of other views. That big ol' mantle/headboard thing behind the couch was the front piece to an entertainment center that someone busted up and tossed in the trash. I loved it so I distressed it into my colors and have plans for it in the future. I would like to put rusty tin panels into the 3 openings in the front and just leave it leaned on a wall or mount it on a wall behind a huge old desk, add corkboard to the openings and make a pin board out of it.

Next post will involve some knitting. I really got the stuffing knocked out of me when I lost my stash. It took years to accumulate my huge stash of fiber love from Aloha Yarn and a lot of money. It was just too depressing to deal with but I feel better and will carry on. Less will never stop my passion for the needle arts. If anything, less should always make one more creative. Yes? yes.


kbrow said...

Nice seeing the clever creative corners of your home. Keep hitting thrift stores and yard sales for the recliner of your dreams. I thrifted and 10 years later sent on its way (new furniture came my way) a huge floral LaZBoy recliner, so it CAN happen.

Looking forward to yer knitting.

Moon said...

Hello my knitty girlfriend! Thank you, I love seeing what folks have in the house. Yes, I am the chick who walks her dogs at night with the added benefit of being able to see others home décor when their window shades haven't been drawn. Bonus at the holidays because you get to see who decorates. lol A lazboy would rock...I will keep you abreast of the hunt. :)