Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am knitting something....really I am....BUT on the brightside, TWINKIES are coming back!

Hi! How are You?

I have decided that if there was a Zombie invasion this would be the best place to go. Its a pawn shop down the road from my home. Big D likes to go in here all the time to hunt down DVD's for his collection. Last time we went I stayed in the car so I could eat my candy bar and that's when I decided this place would be great for keeping the dead out.
Check it out!
What windows it does have are either teeny tiny or they have these kick ass roll down steel covers. And just look at the door....another huge roll down steel zombie proof covering.
The only downside I can see is if they figure out your here and surround the place till you starve.
That sucks.

The place is the color of a Twinkie.....
Speaking of Twinkies.....THEY WILL BE BACK JULY 13TH!!!!!!!
I'm so happy. :)

 Now for creepy .....
Ummmmmmm....yea. Now for some light summer reading for your pre-teens... This book cover (found in the book and mag section of the grocery store)  says internet sex predator all over it. Now that really is creepy. 

This is Goblin. She is cranky. She is 16 pounds of furious cranky. Don't touch her....just...don't. You can always buy another pillow. You need your fingers.


And this right here is awesome! This is a scuff mark on a canvas door at the grocery store where we shop. It looks just like Jaws coming out of the water, doesn't it?????? Crazy....
And I am knitting...slowly....I need yarn. I need to get a bunch of yarn and get inspired, However its not in the budget right now....so until then I will entertain you with other things. :)


KTC said...

Aww, what is that doll?

That pawn shop looks awesome. It's nice to see a place look so sunny. You're right too. If the Zombies from any major film franchise were to break out tomorrow, I'd be heading to that building or a diamond cutter's store with as much provisions as I could get.

Yuck, Twinkies. I never did see the appeal even as a child.

That girl on the cover of the book is kind of creepy too. o_O

Goblin is adorable! You really can't pet her? Awwww!

You find the coolest things. That really does look like Jaws.

We all need yarn. I'm on a yarn diet right now. I put myself on a strict shopping budget to hopefully increase my savings and repair my finances. I only get yarn every three months now. *pained crying*

Still, there's looking at other people's stuff on Ravelry, Facebook and blogs until you can get some yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I'm going to stick my toe in the water of getting real yarn for a change. I'm going to buy from Knit Picks. Have you ever shopped from them?

CMDevi said...

OH MY GOD YOU'RE ALIVE!!! ***runs and jumps on her- hugs her to death*** Holy shit woman, I was SO worried about you and I'm so glad that I kept your blog on my feed!! I don't have a blog anymore (this is Mouse btw..) but I followed your Pinterest and I'm still on Ravelry if you want to talk via PM! I missed you so much-- I'm on FB as well, if you message me I will send you my name.

Lisa B (Moon) said...

I am alive! lol I will pm you Miss Mousie!!
Kbrow you don't like the twinkies??? Its probably better for your blood sugars that you don't. lol
The little stuffed alien was at the store and reminds me of the documentary "The devil and Daniel Johnston" Great film...There is a little drawing on music cassette of this type of creature.
You can touch Goblin but if she is on her nest, i.e. the bed pillows, you risk some injury!!!! :)