Friday, June 14, 2013

OMG Vintage Camper Allert

Looky what I found! Now if someone could magically place 2800.00 dollars in my hand I would be able to buy this gorgeous (well, it will be after I'm done with it) old camper.
I really want, need, obsess over  my own little itty bitty hidey hut where I can retreat when things get too rough out there. :)
I would paint it....put itsy bitsy chandeliers inside...and just rejoice in its "darling"ness.
Sigh......jobless women don't get magical money placed in their hands.
Double sigh.....
I could rob a bank? Sell my soul???
No, the soul already has a lien against it....
Triple sigh....
Any secret "well to do" sponsors out there???
I will love you forever! I will make some art for your walls? I will knit you some socks! I will sew you a quilt from inside the itty bitty trailer!!! I will be your knitting slave!!

I'll take good care of it George! And pet it and squeeze it....yes George I will! Maybe we can keep rabbits in it too George!!!!  (Sorry,I just had a Of Mice and Men stroke)

Most of all I need her for my never ending creatrue finds!! Gotta have a place to sleep when your on the road, picking up poor little creatures in need. I always seem to find something lost, broken, sad and scared. lol

Carry on.

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Yart said...

Moon, I'm so happy to see you back. :)