Monday, June 10, 2013

Cool mornings in Reno


What a nice morning in Reno! We had some amazing thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. The lightning was fantastic. Some strikes were so big they would make you hold your breath waiting for the thunder that follows.  We are supposed to be getting some more lightning tinged weather today.
A pot of hollyhocks. These are first season so no flowers till next year. I really like hollyhocks. Old fashioned cottage flowers can't be beat when piled into a nifty old container and displayed on a dining or entry table or kitchen counter.
 Lilacs are my top of the list for being cut and placed in the house. They smell like "A street car named Desire" (if a film could have a scent, this would be it, I know...weird.....just go with me on this) and of summer time,  memories, and walks in the moonlight. There was a fantastic lilac that I cut from last year that our apartment complex decided to "trim" up and they ruined her! All the bits that were set to bloom this spring were chopped off and so the lilac has spent all her time re-growing all her branch-ey bits and pieces rather then making gorgeous flower bits and pieces for me. So sad.

My tiny itty bitty friend, Hummingbird. How precious is she?


Laura said...

i love lilacs and hollyhocks. in fact i started some hollyhocks from seed this spring and have planted them in the garden. i know a couple died but i'm hoping the 6 days of non-stop rain we've had hasn't drowned the rest. i have to say it again, i'm so glad you're back. :-)

Moon said...

Hey girl! I started mine from seed too! I also bought some "black" hollyhock rootlings from Walmart and nothing has happened with them at all. Very disappointed in that...arg. Aaaand I am so glad to see you too!! xxoo

Moon said...
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