Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am knitting something....really I am....BUT on the brightside, TWINKIES are coming back!

Hi! How are You?

I have decided that if there was a Zombie invasion this would be the best place to go. Its a pawn shop down the road from my home. Big D likes to go in here all the time to hunt down DVD's for his collection. Last time we went I stayed in the car so I could eat my candy bar and that's when I decided this place would be great for keeping the dead out.
Check it out!
What windows it does have are either teeny tiny or they have these kick ass roll down steel covers. And just look at the door....another huge roll down steel zombie proof covering.
The only downside I can see is if they figure out your here and surround the place till you starve.
That sucks.

The place is the color of a Twinkie.....
Speaking of Twinkies.....THEY WILL BE BACK JULY 13TH!!!!!!!
I'm so happy. :)

 Now for creepy .....
Ummmmmmm....yea. Now for some light summer reading for your pre-teens... This book cover (found in the book and mag section of the grocery store)  says internet sex predator all over it. Now that really is creepy. 

This is Goblin. She is cranky. She is 16 pounds of furious cranky. Don't touch her....just...don't. You can always buy another pillow. You need your fingers.


And this right here is awesome! This is a scuff mark on a canvas door at the grocery store where we shop. It looks just like Jaws coming out of the water, doesn't it?????? Crazy....
And I am knitting...slowly....I need yarn. I need to get a bunch of yarn and get inspired, However its not in the budget right now....so until then I will entertain you with other things. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013


(This is Sugar, my rescued Sulpher Crested Cockatoo. She has the vocab of a crusty old salty sailor. )

Kbrow tweaked my interest  and now I have lost my mind over this new internet play thing where I can make my own online clipboard/scrapbook. Man its addicting.....please share yours in the comment area so I can visit yours. :)
Here's mine, just click below!!!
Adore, want, need, wish...will make!

One other amazing gorgeous thing I wanted to share with you today..
Magnolia Pearl, just takes my breath away...dreaming of Texas.
Magnolia Pearl

Friday, June 14, 2013

OMG Vintage Camper Allert

Looky what I found! Now if someone could magically place 2800.00 dollars in my hand I would be able to buy this gorgeous (well, it will be after I'm done with it) old camper.
I really want, need, obsess over  my own little itty bitty hidey hut where I can retreat when things get too rough out there. :)
I would paint it....put itsy bitsy chandeliers inside...and just rejoice in its "darling"ness.
Sigh......jobless women don't get magical money placed in their hands.
Double sigh.....
I could rob a bank? Sell my soul???
No, the soul already has a lien against it....
Triple sigh....
Any secret "well to do" sponsors out there???
I will love you forever! I will make some art for your walls? I will knit you some socks! I will sew you a quilt from inside the itty bitty trailer!!! I will be your knitting slave!!

I'll take good care of it George! And pet it and squeeze it....yes George I will! Maybe we can keep rabbits in it too George!!!!  (Sorry,I just had a Of Mice and Men stroke)

Most of all I need her for my never ending creatrue finds!! Gotta have a place to sleep when your on the road, picking up poor little creatures in need. I always seem to find something lost, broken, sad and scared. lol

Carry on.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Current art project...wasn't this a knitting blog??

Current art project I'm working on. I know its not even close to Halloween but in my world the Jack o' lantern is up for daily d├ęcor.  This is just phase one...I've collaged down different papers, like a paper quilt type of effect. Added some pumpkin ephemera, paint and now I just need to age and grunge them to shabby perfection.

16x20'ish canvas if I remember right....
The living room area. Big D and I have a very tiny apartment. We have down sized so we can afford to save up for a neat old fixer upper at some point and then I can get my pet chickens and some goats that I have wanted for a lifetime!

So anyway, (I'm getting a little too happy here thinking about chickens and goats, the happiness is short lived because reality seeps in that I live in a tiny apartment that does not allow goats and chickens on the porch regardless of my obsession with having them and regardless that I even have fantasy names for them all) the living room is small but crammed full of treasures gleaned from the trashcans, thrift stores and alleys around Reno.
I'm looking for the perfect recliner for Big D. I need something vintage looking, NOT over stuffed and man cave-ish but super comfortable for him to watch the giant tv with. I actually found a man who loves cinema as much as I do, if not more! He has nearly 3000 dvd's and most are horror and grindhouse genre. Its heavenly. :) Its a movie night every night, I just need to leave the popcorn alone...its starting to show.

A couple of other views. That big ol' mantle/headboard thing behind the couch was the front piece to an entertainment center that someone busted up and tossed in the trash. I loved it so I distressed it into my colors and have plans for it in the future. I would like to put rusty tin panels into the 3 openings in the front and just leave it leaned on a wall or mount it on a wall behind a huge old desk, add corkboard to the openings and make a pin board out of it.

Next post will involve some knitting. I really got the stuffing knocked out of me when I lost my stash. It took years to accumulate my huge stash of fiber love from Aloha Yarn and a lot of money. It was just too depressing to deal with but I feel better and will carry on. Less will never stop my passion for the needle arts. If anything, less should always make one more creative. Yes? yes.

Yay! Thunderstorms!

Thunderstorms and pictures from my tiny patio garden. Did I say tiny?? I mean microscopic! Its a balcony really...more like a walk way. Hell...its in the way of anyone trying to get to the stairs but I MUST HAVE TOMATOES!

Here we have a Big Beef tomato plant and an early girl. They need repotting soon. My future fantasy BLT is waiting for these flowers to turn into yummy red fruits,
Buddha head.......

Teeny tiny bits of sea glass balls in the plant....

My froggy that reminds me of the very cool Cane toads I used to catch and harass in our yard in Hawaii. They were so cute....and HUGE! My dogs never bothered with them, which is good since they are quite toxic if chewed on. I never chewed mine...just took their mugshots and let them go.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cool mornings in Reno


What a nice morning in Reno! We had some amazing thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. The lightning was fantastic. Some strikes were so big they would make you hold your breath waiting for the thunder that follows.  We are supposed to be getting some more lightning tinged weather today.
A pot of hollyhocks. These are first season so no flowers till next year. I really like hollyhocks. Old fashioned cottage flowers can't be beat when piled into a nifty old container and displayed on a dining or entry table or kitchen counter.
 Lilacs are my top of the list for being cut and placed in the house. They smell like "A street car named Desire" (if a film could have a scent, this would be it, I know...weird.....just go with me on this) and of summer time,  memories, and walks in the moonlight. There was a fantastic lilac that I cut from last year that our apartment complex decided to "trim" up and they ruined her! All the bits that were set to bloom this spring were chopped off and so the lilac has spent all her time re-growing all her branch-ey bits and pieces rather then making gorgeous flower bits and pieces for me. So sad.

My tiny itty bitty friend, Hummingbird. How precious is she?

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Little Gazebo

The hill behind my apartment has a tiny gazebo on top.

Just wanted to quickly share one of my favorite spots for inspiration. If this blog doesn't make you want to create something beautiful you just might need to check your pulse and call me in the morning. :0) xo Moon

Monday, June 03, 2013

Where Moon went and why, life after what felt like near death

My o my its been a long ass time since I was back in my little blog nest!
I've missed you!
I have a reliable PC now and will get back to my tiny spot on the net that has been a part of my life for many years! I miss posting...I miss sharing....I miss peeking into these tiny windows we are so kind to let others peer into.
It's taken 3 years to get my head around everything life had thrown at me but I'm alive, have 2 kids that really love me and have found and married my soul mate.
 And what did life throw at me you ask?
I know your curious. What could throw someone off their bearings and send them out into the world with just a bag of clothes after a decades (21 years) long marriage?
Well at first the tale started with yours truly as the bad guy. Beyond bad, Total douche.
 You see, I fell in love with someone else. But the truth of the tale was my husband at the time also had a secret. He had started another life and family.
I am talking "having kids and everything " family started. I know...it sounds like some horrible Dateline true life horror story only nobody was murdered.
No one knew. It had been going on for years before I met the man I fell head over heels over. How crazy is that?

(Just a side note lest you think "How on earth could she miss that one??" My x was military and this other life happened during overseas stretches.)
My X  had seemed to be the perfect husband. It wasn't until well after the divorce and all the damage done to my character that the real story came out. Much too late for me to repair many friendships, whom quite a few now saw me as a "monster" How could I have hurt such a "wonderful" man and father with my affair?
 Not to mention what my kids thought of me for "betraying" their father.
 They also didn't know about the other family until after the divorce. My poor kids, grown as they are, they have been through the mill. Having to keep a stiff upper lip through all of this upheaval.
Crazy how someone can have such a hidden life.
Crazy the lengths someone would go to, trying to destroy the person they lived with for 20 years just to save a dollar and a cent. Or really not even that, not to save money I feel, just to see that person destroyed and buried with nobody and nothing left. I cant imagine doing that to anyone. especially since he already had another family. I guess he wanted me dead and gone so there would be no evidence of my existence. That was a fail on his part. God knows he tried though.
(Thank u my Sunny Chic, I'm so glad I didn't lose you too)

Now I have to tell you there were some pretty dark times to be had over these 3 years. Its been pretty damn brutal. Can you imagine not knowing a person at all, I mean AT ALL when you have lived with them half of your adult life? Someone who must have secretly hated you and you had no idea?  That they are some scary stranger? It was terrible finding out all these truths.
Toss in the added problem of my severe anxiety/panic disorder which of course my X went after with much relish, seriously I was sooooo on the verge of cliff diving.
(Those of you who know me in real life probably have no idea I suffer from this. You know all about my infamous migraines but other things I tend to hide well. It got so bad in 2010 I could hardly function without having panic attacks almost daily. Horrible stuff)

Thank god for the man I had fallen in love with, had he not been there for me I think I might have died.

So enough of that rotten tasting stuff, I will wrap it up neatly with the end result that I lost everything material I've shared with you all over the years.
Every single sewing machine.
EVERY single amazing vintage sewing machine.
Its crushing...every vintage babydoll.
When I say everything, I DO indeed mean everything. Clothes, books, dishes, pictures, keepsakes, jewelry etc.
(The horrors continue! That includes my massive yarn stash collected over nearly 8 years)
 I shit you not when I say I left with one small duffel bag of clothes. And too scared to do anything about it. That's it. I have to laugh about it or the crying will never end.

Its ok though. Really.  I win. My kids know I'm not that big of a monster and I've got my fella, Big Daddy. That can get a girl through a lot of hardships. But I won't lie to you. I really wish I had some of my favorite old sewing machines and baby doll's back to play with....I can't lie about that.

Big D and myself.
My hero, I LOVE this guy!  :)

Monday, May 03, 2010


I'm still alive everybody, so no worries!! Still trying to figure out my way around this part of the planet and trying to work on happiness. How elusive is that?? Very very. xoxo Moon